Klubb Modeller
Dette er en offisiell Mattel Klubb Model og er bare tilgjengelig for  de som blir medlemmer av Matchbox Forum.  Så lenge lageret rekker!

An overview of all club models can be found on our Club's Catalog Pages by clicking: HERE

As a remembrance of our 10th Birthday Matchbox Forum produced two Code 2 Matchbox Collectibles Convoys and a Chevy Van. The models were only available to members. The Convoy models are made with a sticker applied to two existing models in order to be in line with the other code 2 Convoys made in Leipzig by Sven Schuette. We would like to thank Sven for his cooperation and effort to get the labels done. The Chevy Van is produced by ColorComp.
Models are especially developed by a well known tessellation artist Patrick Snels ( from the Netherlands of course.
Stickers are applied to the following base models from the Matchbox Collectibles Automobilia Set with DINKY (ridiculous!) on the base plate:
  • DY01/3 Mack B61 SMMT 1956 DYM35268 DYM35268 Champions
  • DY02/1 Peterbilt  SMMT 1939 DYM35268 DYM35267 Pep Boys
The price for the models was kept very low on € 11.50/$15.00 for the Convoys (exclusive postage) and $10.00 for the Chevy Van. Model were only available to Matchbox Forum Members and friends.

To celebrate the Club first 5 year of existence we produced a special model. The model is based on the Nürnberg Toy Fair of 2002 and is made with the special permission of Matchbox Germany. The model is a code 2 model. All profit on the model will be for the individual clubs and will mainly be used to finance our home page. A total of 180 models were produced.
We made 20 models with a blue roof i.s.o. the standard red roof. Those models will be made available to those Club members who make  a major contribution to the club's Internet site.

The following members received from the Club a blue model for their enormous contribution to the Homepages:
Christian de Lange Christian Falkensteiner  
John Yanouzas John and Gini Lanou Henk van Leliveld