Mission Statement

Matchbox Forum is a not-for-profit organization of Matchbox collectors world-wide. The main goal of the Club is to promote Matchbox models by exchanging information, trading models and creating camaraderie. This Club is internet friendly and by using the electronic highway it will be possible to interact with Matchbox collectors world-wide.


Matchbox Forum now has four divisions: North America, Europe (excl. Skandinavia), Oceania and Scandinavia. The Scandinavian section is the newest division and is headed by Rolf Wiger in Norway. The Scandinavian division will primarily cover Norway, Sweden and Denmark when it will be written in Norwegian, but members from Finland and Iceland are also welcome to join. The chairman for Matchbox Forum North America is John Yanouzas. The chairman for Matchbox Forum Europe and Oceanie is John Nijhuis. Both are also Co-chairmen of Matchbox Forum. The Co-Chairmen would be responsible for strategy and policy management and general direction of Matchbox Forum.
In principle we would like to have several divisions. In America one division, in Europe a division for each major language for example Matchbox Forum England, Matchbox Forum Germany, Matchbox Forum Benelux, Matchbox Forum Spain, Matchbox Forum Skandinavia etc. and in Oceania one division to include Australia and New Zealand.
Matchbox Forum will be managed by a multiple-chair person organization structure, one chair from each of the divisions. This will provide each division an avenue to make an input into general policy and direction. For the time being, this will be the function of the chairmen of North America, John Yanouzas and Europe and Oceania, John Nijhuis. At present we are in search for a new Chairman in Oceania.

Each local division will have its own Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer or any others officers deemed appropriate. Each local division could have its own members, club rules, officers and activities. Yet all members would have the opportunity to communicate with each other and exchange information and models. This organization structure has a centralized "head" and decentralized operations.
All divisions will be sanctioned by Matchbox Toys USA, Ltd. under the umbrella agreement in existence with Matchbox Forum as of May 15, 1998. Subsequently, recognizing each Division can be done by creating an addendum to the existing agreement.


As we are an international collectors "Forum" our major activity is to exchange information on Matchbox in its broadest sense. This will be done by periodic magazines, Internet communication bulletins and individual members-to-members messages. The club will promote the exchange of models throughout the continents by making the member list with it's Internet e-mail address public to all members in order to stimulate member-to-member exchange of information and models. Local clubs will have the option to organize local meetings and any other activity to promote Matchbox collecting.

Membership Fees.

Local divisions will set up their own contribution schema. However the separate divisions agree that the only purpose of asking for members contribution is to cover the cost.


All Matchbox Forum Divisions will be set up as Internet Friendly divisions. All information will be exchanged largely by Internet and CD/DVD. On request local clubs can also decide to distribute hard copy of material. All co-chairmen will in principle stimulate the other divisions to exchange material via any suitable way, but in largely by Internet.