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This Data Base query will show you all MB75 models as there are:
  • All Regular Wheels
  • MB75 Superfast models with 'MADE by Lesney' on the Base Plate.
  • MB75 Superfast models not made in the UK and using a Manufacturing (=Casting) number.
If you dive deeper to the individual numbers you will find a down load option for individual models of four types of Downloads.
  • Automated Catalog (For the time being Regular wheel only) made by J. Nijhuis
  • A Word Documents developed by C. Falkensteiner (LS and MI) and D. Becker (MW) containing the most extensive catalog available in the world:
    1. LSxxx refers to models with Made by Lesney on the base plate.
    2. MIxxx refers to models with Made by Matchbox on the base plate.
    3. MWxxx refers to models Made by Mattel on the base plate.

Superfast Wheels made since 1969. There are three type of Superfast:
  1. Superfast models 'MADE by Lesney' on the Base Plate.
    When Matchbox was still producing in England the factory did not use Casting and/or Manufacturing numbers on their models. Those were only introduced when the production was moved outside the UK. Alt those models were Made in England or Hong Kong.
  2. Superfast with Manufacturing Number.
    All Models produced outside the UK got at the start of their production an unique Manufacturing number. The number is in fact the number of the Casting.
  3. Some models were during the transition period produced as well as inside as outside the UK. Those models had in the beginning no Manufacturing Number but when produced outside the UK (and NO Lesney on the baseplate anymore) did get a Manufacturing Number in a later stage.

This section covers the Models as Mentioned under point 2 and 3.

Some identical Models may have different Manufacturing numbers. Like #66 KENWORTH Super Boss and #84 KENWORTH Bandag Bandit.

In those days (1982-1984) Matchbox issued different MAN numbers for the same castings if they were part of the same range at different numbers at the same time (in this case it was number 65 and number 66 in the US range).
The same also happened with the Corvette which was both MB 062 and MB 115 (US issue numbers 62 and 21, respectively) and with the Red Rider which was both MB 086 and MB 126 (US issue numbers 48 and 67, respectively).

Matchbox stopped doing that in 1985 when the MB 137 F1 Racer was also part of the US range twice (numbers 6 and 65) but was not allocated a second MAN number because of that.