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This is V 2.0 of the Convoy catalog. We have still to take final pictures of mainly the White Rose Collectibles models. We also have only a limited number of Code 2 models in the catalog. Mainly a generic Model (thanks to ColorComp) and some issued by Matchbox Clubs.
In the catalog you will find a price indication. I have take the following classes:
  • Class 1: $ 0.00 until $ 10.00
  • Class 2: $ 11.00 to $ 25.00
  • Class 3: $ 25.00 to $50.00
  • Class 4: Collectors Price

  • I have my doubts whether convoys can have truly a value over $ 25.00. However some models are harder to find then others. I am convinced that none of the Convoys have a value over $ 50.00. This is only the case for some specific models which were not available to collectors (home made Matchbox). I think it's each collectors responsability to pay the value he thinks he should pay.