Explanation Abbreviations
Abbr. Name LS MI MW
A Accessories  
AFL Australian Football League  
AM Across America    
ANV Anniversary Collection    
AP Action Pack  
ARL Australian Rugby League  
ASAP ASAP Promotional    
AW Around the World  
BB Best of British  
BJ Barrett-Jackson    
BK Battle Kings  
CA Cartoon Characters  
CAT Caterpillar    
CC Collectors Choice  
CCI Color Comp Promotional      
CF Commando  
CK Coca-Cola    
CKP Coca-Cola Premiere    
CL Club Models    
COL Matchbox Collectibles    
CQ Conquer  
CR Code Red  
CRO Crocodile Hunter  
CS Construction  
CY Convoy      
C2 Code Two      
DARE D.A.R.E.    
DM Dream Machines  
DT Days of Thunder  
DY Dinky  
EL Elvis Presley Collection    
EM Emergency  
FE First Edition    
FM Farming  
FOR Ford Anniversary  
F1 Formula 1  
G Gift Set    
GC Gold Collection  
GF Graffic Traffic  
GW Giftware  
HD Harley Davidson  
HR Heroes    
HS Hot Stocks  
HT Hunt    
IC Intercom City  
IG Inaugural Collection  
IN Indy  
JB James Bond  
JL Justice League  
JR Jurassic Park  
K Super Kings (King Size)    
LE Limited Edition Set (Roman Numeral)  
LL My First Matchbox (Live & Learn)  
LP Launcher Pack    
LR Lightning  
LT Lasertronic (Siren Force, Light & Sound)  
LW Laser Wheels  
MB Matchbox 1-75 (1-100) basic range (default - usually omitted)      
MBR Micro Brewery  
MC Motor City  
MCC My Classic Car  
MD Superfast Minis  
MLB Major League Baseball (USA)  
MO Matchbox Originals  
MP Multipack      
MS Monsters  
MT Matchcaps  
MU Masters of the Universe  
NBA National Basketball Association (USA)    
NBL National Basketball League (AUS)  
NC Nutmeg Collectibles  
NFL National Football League (USA)  
NHL National Hockey League (USA)  
NM Nigel Mansell  
NR Neon Racers  
OS Osbournes  
P Pre-production      
PB Pleasant Books    
PC Premiere Collection (Select Class, JCPenney)    
PR Promotional (On-Pack Offer)      
PRC Premiere Concept  
PS Playset    
PZ Puzzle  
RB Road Blasters  
RT Real Talkin  
SB Skybusters  
SCC Super Color Changers  
SF Superfast    
SG Stars of Germany (Stars of Cars)  
SH Showcase  
SNL Saturday Night Live  
SS Showstoppers (Motor Show)  
ST Super Trucks  
STR Star Car    
TC Team Convoy (Team Matchbox)  
TF Toy Fair    
TH Triple Heat  
TN Then & Now    
TP Twin Pack (Action System, Adventure Pack)    
TX Texaco Collection    
UC Ultra Collection  
WB Warner Brothers  
WC World Class  
WR White Rose Collectibles  
YF York Fair    
YST Train Set  
5P Five Pack    
75C 75 Challenge  
Areas of Issue
A Austria    
AUS Australia      
B Belgium    
BG Bulgaria    
BR Brazil    
CDN Canada    
CH Switzerland  
CN China  
CZ Czech Republic    
D Germany      
DK Denmark  
E Spain  
F France  
GB Great Britain      
GR Greece  
H Hungary  
HK Hong Kong  
IRL Ireland    
I Italy  
J Japan    
KSA Saudi Arabia  
M Malta  
MAL Malaysia  
MEX Mexico  
NL Netherlands  
NZ New Zealand  
PL Poland  
S Sweden  
SK Slovakia    
USA USA      
ZA South Africa  
ZW Zimbabwe  
CORE Worldwide (default - usually omitted)      
LA Latin America  
ROW Rest of the World