History of the Changes
24-Jul-2017 Read the Good and the Bad news!.
30-Jun-2017 Added 4 more 2016 planes and 4 new 2017 planes.
13-Mar-2017 added the Hybrid Chopper and 2016 catalog is up to date now.
08-Dec-2016 More 2017
28-Nov-2016 Last Wave 2016 and First 2017

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Anyone some information on this??? If so please mail me at

Interesting to notice that, although may countries are boycotting the sale of military goods to the Middle East, Mattel keeps on selling their planes to the Middle East.
Just wondering?
This is the information I have for 2017 (as per my notes):
Charlie's update on the 2017 Issues:
  1. DKH 00 Turbo Tornado (blu/grn/gry)
  2. DKH 01 A-10A Thunderbolt (gry/blu)
  3. DKH 02 Roto Warrior (red/blk)
  4. DKH 03 Cessna Citation (purple)
  5. DVR 16 Hyber Chopper (wht) (SB 136)
  6. DVR 20 Strike Hawk (brn/grn) (SB140)
  7. DVR 21 Skyclone (lt.grn/blu) (SB129)
  8. DVR 22 Boeing F15 Eagle (brn camo) (SB119)
  9. DVR 23 Blade Force (blu) (SB110)
  10. DVR 24 Sky Shreder (gry/wht) (SB121)
  11. DVR 26 Freeway Flyer (blk/grn) (re-issue old model)
  12. DVR 27 Strato Stormer (lt & DK blue) (re-issue old model)
  13. DVR 28 Sky Sentry (org/wht) (re-issue old model)
  14. DVR 31 MBX Metal Eagle (re-issue? old model)
  • DYK 20 Boeing 747 Disney Parks 2017 (dk.blu/grn)

  • John Nijhuis, 24 Juli 2017
    The Good New is that I found in Germany 4 new Planes (REWE).

    You had to look for it as they are hanging out throughout the shop (not in the Toy Section?) together with wave E/F of the MB75.
    They have the 4 different planes DVR16, DVR 22, DVR23 and DVR 24.
    So far I have not seen DVR21 in Europe.

    The Bad news is that, Like in the MB75 range, Matchbox is issuing old planes in the 2017 blister with the 2017 DVR number.
    So far I did find the following older planes in new packaging:

    DVR 26 Freeway Flyer (2013) DVR 27 Strato Stormer (2014) DVR 28 Sky Sentry (2014)
    SB 106/DKH00 Turbo Tornado DKH01 A-10A Thunderbolt
    SB124/DKH02 Roto Warrior SB075/DKH03 Cesna Citation
    DVR21 Skyclone (Missing ROW) DVR22 Boeing F15 Eagle
    DVR23 Blade Force DVR24 Sky Shredder
    SB 136/DVR16 Hybrid Chopper