MB75 New (modified) Castings
History of the Changes
22-Dec-2016 Skyline Seat belts and 2 NEW Land Rover Castings!!!
06-Jan-2016 Found 931, 941

This pictures and text below are of the 2016 Land Rovers.  If you have any information on the Manufacturing # of the pictures below contact me please at

December 22, John Nijhuis
I had a problem discovering the difference between the Nissan Skyline with or without seat belt. John Lambert solved that problem for us by taking apart two models to have a decent picture. If you don't want to take you model apart and even want to keep the model in the blister you can try to shine into the model by using the flashlight of your mobile phone and look to the seat behind the steering wheel! Christian de Lange managed on this way to sort my Nissan's in with and without seat belts.

December 22, John Nijhuis
You probably didn't miss it but I did not notice until last night (thanks to Christian de Lange) that the #838 Land Rover 110 casting used for the model in the 2016 Land Rover Set and in the Regular MB 2016 series is a complete different casting as compared to the pre 2016 models. The differences are easy to spot:
  • The new model is much smaller by taking of the upper rail of the roof rack.
  • The four front light are now part of the plastic load and not part of the casting anymore
  • The Air inlet moved from left to right
  • The windows are all much smaller
  • The base plate changed  and after all those changes in the casting the base plate still reads MB883 !!!!
   The next one is the #721 Land Rover Ninety from the 2016 Land Rover Set. That one is even more changed.
The roof is not of plastic anymore but part of the casting.

This meant that there is also a (huge) stub added to the base plate to support the roof.

Although it's a complete different Casting and the baseplate changed from metal to plastic NO new Manufacturing # has been issued. Even worse in stead of using MB721 (alteration of MB180) the base plate is still saying MB180!!!

This pictures and text below are of the 2015 availability of the models on Different Parts of the world.  If you have any information on the missing models which is different from the text below contact me please at

Explanation on letters in the Columns:
  • U: New Casting
  • G: Exisiting Casting
  • L: Only Long Blister Available
  • S: Only Short Blister Available
#50 Ford Mustang LX SSP Police Car 2014 I did get in the 2015 Blister.
If you want to download this table as a Word File please click MB75 2015 (WORD).

11980ULChecker Cab
27917GLMini Dozer
38946GLAll Terrain Crane
50969USFord Mustang LX SSP Police Car as issued in 2014 (2015 blister!)
23Missing USA and ROW and moved to 2016
92Missing USA and ROW pulled out by Mattel
100Missing USA and ROW pulled out by Mattel
120Missing USA and ROW pulled out by Mattel

This pictures and text below are of the development and availability of 2013/2014/2015 Modified Castings. If am desperately looking for people who can share with us the information they have on the red numbers!!!!!!

991 1991 Chevy stepside pick up 1975 (5 pack) Cabin and Loading floor plasicc in stead of metal. Loading floor adapted to fit the rivet. Number CJK19

  New 2016 Chevy El Camino (10 pack) versus the old one.

836 Road Tripper 825 Base Plate Names has changed from Road Tripper to MBX Prospector. New model from 2014 fivew pack still have Man. Number 825.
873 2013 Int. Armored Car 446 Model was issued in 2015 as MB020
876 Dennis Sabre (Modified) 588 Mistery. Not seen this model sofar!
901 VW Bulli Concept New Cancelled and replaced by another model.
927 Ford F-150 Raptor 788 Mistery. Can't see any difference between 928 and 712. Not even in the Baseplate, which is similar to 2013 Base Plate. Both have still 788 on nthe Baseplate.
928 Desert Thunder V16 712 In 2015 range as Numbber 90
929 International CXT 687 Not seen until to day.
930 Pontiac Piranha 556 Not seen until to day.
931  3-axle Dump Truck 536 Found the first Model with Baseplate #931 in the Mission Force Set of Jurassic Parks. See Mission Forces Catalog.
932 Flame Smasher 866 Casting number remains 866! The rear mudflaps are now missing as well as the steps on the rear bumper. The battery boxes behind the fuel tanks are also missing.
933 Dodge Charger Pursuit 846 OK. In nrange 2014 as Number 84
934 Blizzard Buster 842 The side hydraulics which were cast as a part of the body have now been cast as a part of the base
935 BMW R-1200 R-TP Police 841 More Plastic especiallay on the front side. Can't find the number on the model.
936 Water Tanker 840 Can't spot any differences on the 2015 model!
937 Urban Tow Truck 839 MB839 the side struts (walls) behind the cab are diecast and solid connected to the body
MB 937 the side struts (walls) behind the cab are plastic and solid connected to the plastic beam of tow hook,  changes of description on the base plate (Matchbox logo, font size and elephant under MB number)
938 Ford F-350 Superlift Brush 837 This casting has been modified but it is very subtle. The rear bumper has now been added to the chassis instead of being part of the die cast body. You will have to look very closely to see this change.
939 WorkStar Brush Fire Truck 801 MB801 the cab and the rear extension are two separately parts (diecast)
MB939 the cab and the rear extension are as one part (plastic), MB number on base plate
940 Road Roller 800 New Manufacturing number on the base plate. MB800 - the frame with roller is a moving part (turnable). MB900 - the frame with roller is solid connected to the base.
941 Jungle Crawler 783 5 Pack Jurassic Parks.
942 Sahara Survivor 782 Retool of the plastic body.
943 MBX Street Sweeper 776 Interior has been deleted and the window section altered.
944 Ford E-350 Ambulance 771 New Manufacturing number on the base plate.
MB771 the cab is diecast and the rear extension is plastic
MB944 the cab and the rear extension are as one part from plastic, on the cab are plastic roof lights, changes of description on the base plate
945 Subaru Impreza WRX Police 751 Model not seen until to day.
946 Scraper 745 New Manufacturing number on the base plate. MB946/MB745 Scraper
MB745 the bottom of the scraper (hull) is plastic, scraper is diecast
MB946 the bottom and lower part of sides of the scraper (hull) are as one part from plastic, rest of scraper (hull) is diecast, changes of description on the base plate
947 Porsche 911 GT3 729 Can't spot any differences on the 2015 model!
948 Ground Breaker 707 Thailand elephant has been added, the center section on the base is now raised vs. recessed and 2013 has been added to the manufacture year on the base
949 Fire Engine 698 The changes are most noticably the base and that the fire engine is overall much shorter. The grille is now plastic & part of the base and is now assembled with 2 rivets vs one. The deck of the fire engine has more plastic on it than before and the hitch sticks out further.
950 Tractor Plow 686 The first model is the Tractor Plow from the third Jurassic Park 5 Packs. Casting is different in many way but it's easy to spot when you compare the fdront side. Od course both models have a different manufacturing namuber on the basepate.
951 Pontiac Solstice Concept 612 Model not seen until to day.
952 Hummer w/ramp 506 Model and base plate are the same, except the interior has been deleted. Base Plate has still number 506.
953 Chevy K-1500 Pickup 249 Can't spot any differences on the 2015 model!
954 Highway Maintenance Truck 222 Plow is fixed in stead of movable. Grilled has changed and Chevrolet logo has disappeared  from the grille.

Some Remarks from Mattel relating Manufacturing numbers
830 Tool MB830 was intended to have a different body molding process from the current version. This process however has not been implemented yet, so we will continue to use MB824.
838 It is possible that the plant had used surplus 697 chassis to use up inventory.
256/522 8. Casting 256 Hummer - The data base shows this casting as being the correct number, because it has the roof turret. The base plate on the casting in the five pack still reads 522 however. Can you explain, please?
Mattel:  #256 Hummer has the gun. The #522 version has no gun but the chassis is interchangeable. It is not always practical or cost effective to swap out multiple variations of chassis markings when the vehicle itself has not changed.
510/660 Both 510& 606 are visually identical but 606 indicates a different country of origin.
606 This one is not so obvious as the others. The database and livery show this as 606, but the base has number 510 on it.

2014 Five Pack Dino
Comments John Nijhuis: Model has still the (wrong) Manufacturing Number 

2013 MB75
Land Rover Defender 110
Air Cleaner Intake at the Left Air Cleaner Intake at the Right
Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110 Matchbox Land Rover Defender 110 
Roof fully Die Cast Major part Roof (black) Plastic
MB697 Land Rover Defender 110 MB838 Land Rover Defender 110 (Modified)
The Yellow version has in most case still the Old Manufacturing Number MB679

MB879 Isuzu Amigo MB879 and 2013 Logo on Base Plate

2013 Five Pack Desert
MB421 and MB874 Wheeler MB874 and 2013 Logo on Base Plate
MB421 Smooth Seats and Footstep Holes to fix the driver (not on picture) MB874 Ribbled Seat and no holes in Footstep. Model issued without the driver.
MB131 (1981!!!) and MB878 Jeep 4 x 4 MB878  and 2013 Logo on Base Plate
Besides the New Manufacturing Number and the Elephant, the only differences I could spot for this model was the fact that the antenna disappeared and that for this reason the rear bumper has been adapted.

Both Models have of course the new Manufacturing number (see picture left)

MB878 New Manufacturing number and Elephant MB874 Ribbled Seat and no holes in Footstep. New model issued without a driver.

2013 Five Pack Outdoor
The following New Diecast is from the  2013 Outdoor Five Pack. Looking at the design you would agree with me that this model was designed for the Beach Five Pack, as this pack has the typical similar striping as the models from this pack.
MB868 Travel Trailer (modified) MB868  and 2013 Logo on Base Plate

2013 Five Pack EMT
Just need to open the Five Pack to make pictures. Will be done soon.

I can already point out the major differences:

  • MB871 Highway Rescue Fire Engine (modified). Still has 'Old' Matchbox logo on the base plate. Compared to MB566 this one has the Manufacturing Number on the base plate but unfortunately MB566 in stead of MB871
  • MB877 International Pumper (modified). 'New' Matchbox logo on the base plate. This one has also the 'Old'  Manufacturing Number on the base plate.  MB379 in stead of MB877


The new MB877 International Pumper has many tiny changes in the casting. The easy to spot one is the adaptation to the roof. As already stated above new base plate but old Manufacturing Number
2013 Logo on Base Plate but old Manufacturing Number 379
Two Rings in Roof Triangle in Roof. Through the plasric lights you can spot the white interior.
The new MB871 Highway Rescue Fire Engine Modified has many tiny changes in the casting. The plastic attributes are on details different from the original and the casting has also a number of alterations. The one you can easily view are shown here.
Left the Original, Right the new casting
Original casting New casting

2013 Five Pack Beach Rescue
The following discussion is from the 2013 Ambassador report:
Earlier  this year, we were told the "Beach Rescue" 5 pack would include the MB875 Hydroplane in orange and the MB870 Ford F-series with raft in yellow."  as quoted by Dave Tilley. We got the 5-pack recently, but these two are not in the 5-pack now. Could you please ask the Matchbox Team at Mattel, whether the yellow truck is another variation of MB581 rather than the expected MB870?

The Mattel answered as follows:

Note that at the time this pack was first being produced the modified versions of the two castings:  Ford F-Series with raft and Hydroplane were not ready yet.  Midway through the production run the revised castings were added.  This was a running change. The refurbished casting of the Ford (yellow color) is MB870 and has the new name (requested by the licensor) Ford F-250 Super Duty with Raft. This version has revised markings on the chassis that includes the 2013 Matchbox Logo, Thai Elephant, revised copyright year and Toy number.
You can further identify the MB870 casting by raising the ramp.  The Ramp is now one piece instead of 2 separate pieces and the window has been modified to be part of the truck bed. The old casting had the truck bed that was die cast. You can only see these changes by taking it out of the package.
A question was also asked about the earlier casting that was blue with a similar wave graphic on the sides. The MB number on the chassis is MB450 which normally indicates the version of this truck with the dumper bed. But the raft version would use MB 581.  Since the body chassis and window are the same for both versions the chassis markings often get interchanged.

Hydroplane Matchbox Old Casting Hydroplane Matchbox New Casting
Old Casting New Casting
I found the above new casting in one of the 2013 9/10  Packs (Y2999).