History of the Changes
01-Sep-2016 Target 26 piece Play Box
23-Jan-2016 Catalog Updated but need help!!

John Nijhuis, 1 September 2016
Here are pictures of the latest Matchbox offer at Target only. It's a box including 26 models and 26 boxes. Boxes have different themes and are numbered from a to z. Nice box for a very nice price. On your way to Target! Those which are not living in the US are probably missing a nice set again.....
Matchbox Target 26 Model Box 

John Nijhuis, 6 January 2016
I did a mjor update of the Mission Force Catalog. Look for the catalog on:

The reason it took me so long is that the sets are only issued in the USA and I live in  Europe. Furthermore they are hard to find in the USA too. It's only Kohl's and Shop 'n Go where I could find some.

I am still missing a packs of 2013. I need your help for the pictures and even better I would appreciated if you could send me the sets to John Yanouzas in the USA. Please mail me at if you can help me in this case.

Below is the Mission Sets I am still missing.

John Nijhuis  24 May 2015